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Exclusive Cinemas visits Datasat Digital Entertaiment

Exclusive Cinemas now carry products from the leaders in the world of digital cinema audio processors, Datasat.

Datasat Digital Sound - Previously known as DTS, Datasat has been providing the best possible surround sound for 35mm since 1993 and we were recently invited for a tour around their UK base.

We were granted access to their 'vault', which contains back-up sound tracks (in all languages) to virtually every movie DTS encoded since it was launched a few decades ago.

The Vault

We also saw some of the first movie promotional posters to feature the new Datasat logo that replaces the now iconic DTS logo.

New logo

We were also able to have a look at, and play around with, the company's incredible RS20i processor. You can read more information about this class leading product at our Datasat product page.

New logo

The screenshot below shows the RS20i processor's jaw-dropping EQ correction in action, with a before (top) and after (bottom) curve:


Huge thanks to the team at Datasat for a fantastic day out!

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